RAK3172(LP)-SiP HW versions differences

Hi there, we’re planning using RAK3172(LP)-SiP using our own firmware and I would need some information about SiP internal structure.

  1. On RF-frontend side I found RX/TX selection by PA0/PA1 but could you confirm that TCXO is indeed powered by PB0 ?
  2. Can STM32WL’s VDDPA use VFBSMPS in the “LP” SiP version (ie. as ST is doing on its designs) ?
  3. I understand there is 2 SiP versions for PA-bias selection, but I saw that you have different SKU for the various 8xx, 9xx bands, is there any HW differences between them ?
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Welcome to RAK forum @TheDude ,

To answer your questions.

  1. That is correct. TXCO is on PB0.
  2. This is possible based on the STM32WL datasheet. We haven’t tested this power supply configuration though.
  3. There is no difference.

Hello Carl, thanks for clarifying these points.