RAK3172(LP)-SiP reference application schematic and routing

Hello, I was searching for reference application schematic for RAK3172-SiP, is there only the “quickstart” guide from RAK3272-SiP-Breakout ?
There is also sparse information in the “appnote” which differs in terms of bypass/decoupling capacitors (for ex. “quickstart” puts large cap on VDD@pin3 but not VDD@pin55 when “appnote” does the opposite).
Can you give some layout hints about routing pins 10,11,12,13 (SMPS power)? as VDDMPS pin (and its decoupling caps) is in the middle of the inductance loop, shall we route VFBSMPS “around” the decoupling ? (I guess VLXSMPS must be kept as short as possible).
It would be good to have a real reference material (ie. schematic/bom/gerbers) to ease integration in new products.
Thanks !

Yes, there is only the quick start guide and the schematics from the Breakout Board ==> RAK3272-SiP Breakout Board Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center

I have not done a lot with the SiP module and specially not designed any board with it.
Maybe one of our other forum members can help.

Hi @TheDude ,

You can use the RAK3272-SiP Breakout Board as reference.

I am attaching here the schematic and gerber files so you can view the layout.

RAK3272-SiP_VA_2022_0213.pdf (180.7 KB)
82610080_A0.zip (1.1 MB)

Hello Carl, thanks a lot for this data.