RAK3172 New Firmware Power Consumption Sleep Mode

I have been using the RAK3172 with the old firmware and have been obtaining sleep power consumption in the uA range.

I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version and now my device is seeing sleep current of around 7mA.

I have downgraded the firmware again and the consumption is back in the uA range as before.

Is this an issue with the latest firmware or do I need to do something to enable the low power mode?

Welcome back to RAK forum @mfprice .

The new RAK3172 RUI3 firmware doesn’t automatically go to sleep at the moment. It will be part of the update on the next firmware release.

For now, you need to use AT+SLEEP to make it sleep. The parameter is in milliseconds.

AT+SLEEP = 1000 will make the device sleep for 1second.

To make it permanently sleep, you can send AT+SLEEP=0. This will be changed to AT+SLEEP on the next FW release. Same on the old firmware, it will wake up when there is an activity on the UART line.

Thanks @carlrowan that did drop the power consumption to the level that I expected.

The automatic sleep feature was great and I think I’ll stick with the old firmware until that has been added to the new version. I like the “failsafe” that the module will always go back to sleep even if I have missed something in my code!