RAK3172 Operating Temperature


I am a bit confused on the operating temperature of RAK3172 (it may sound stupid).

The datasheet of RAK3172 shows that the operating temperature range is between -40° C ~ 85° C. However, in this post, one of the staff showed that the datasheet of the XTAL, which suggests an operating temperature between -20 °C ~ 85° C.

Does it mean that the RF component of RAK3172 can fail for any temperature below -20 °C?

I am asking this since I am building projects that may apply to the Arctic, where the temperature can often fall below -20 °C.

Welcome to RAK forum @selectiveack .

The docs should be updated. Regarding your requirements, we will release soon a RAK3172T variant which supports TCXO. I will check its minimum temperature range.

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Thank you for the clarification. Looking forward to the TCXO variant.

Delighted to hear this.

RAK3172T will support -40degC. This is the datasheet of TCXO for reference.

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The datasheet link provided appears to be a crystal not a TCXO.

As the RAK3172T appears to now be available to order, can you provide information about code changes required for those of us doing low-level firmware development?