Guys, ı am trying to find and control arduino pins on rak3172 board. For example, PA0 is 1 in arduino and PA1 in 0 in arduino. How is that? Can you share any diagram with me_?

Hello @tortudereli

They are defined in the variants.h file of the RUI3 BSP for the RAK3172 EVB.

The IO pins on the Base Board are numbered IO1 to IO7 and to make it easier we have defined names for these 7 IO’s in the variants.h as well.

#define WB_IO1                 PB5          // SLOT_A SLOT_B
#define WB_IO2                 PA8          // SLOT_A SLOT_B
#define WB_IO3                 PB12         // SLOT_C
#define WB_IO4                 PB2          // SLOT_C
#define WB_IO5                 PA15         // SLOT_D
#define WB_IO6                 PA9          // SLOT_D
#define WB_IO7                 PA10

So you can just use WB_IO1 to use the GPIO on the base board.