RAK3172 output match 868->432

Hi. I have a lot of RAK3172 for 868MHz (external antenna with IPEX-SMA pigtail). I would like to test 432MHz band quickly (over the weekend). Is it possible to get the values of components for antenna match? I have all SMD rework equipment and set of RF L and C components from 0201 up… I already ordered RAK3172 for 432MHz, this would be “quick and dirty” short range test before placing proper modules in the field.

Thank you.

Hi @s54mtb ,

RAK3172 design is not fully open-sourced at the moment so the range test you intend can be done when your RAK3172 4xx Mhz orders arrived. It is also best to test the actual module/board than replacing tiny components which can be a not 1:1 comparison due to various factors (different type of capacitor, added component stress on manual SMD rework, etc.)

Thanks. I am currently stil waiting for the shipment from 10d ago :slight_smile: