RAK3172 (p) module TXCO

Hello, I have a RAK3172 (p) module, I assume it is an old version. I would like to know if the TCXO is incorporated. On the website there is information about the RAK3172 (H) and RAK3172 (L) modules. But it says nothing about RAK3172 (p). I would like to implement Lora P2P and TCXO is important.

There is no RAK3172(p) module.
Where did you find this?

The RAK3172(H) and RAK3172(L) are 90% identical modules. The difference is the optimization for higher frequencies (H) and lower frequencies (L).

The RAK3172 module is prepared for a TCXO, but due to the current shortage in electronic components it is not equipped.

Thanks for your answer, this is the module I have. Is there any difference with the rest ???

This is the RAK3172(H)
Just on the label there is no (H). If the RAK3172(L) will be available (not certified yet), the label will say RAK3172(L).

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