I’m using RAK3172 chip as transmitter and RAK3172 evaluation board as receptor.
I can’t set both parameters as same.
AT+P2P=868000000:7:0:0:8:14 this is the parameter config in my chip using main controller. but can’t set the same parameter to evaluation board via Arduino, and its showing output as AT_ERROR. How solves this issue?

thanks in advance.

Welcome back to RAK forum @Roopak ,

There are differences in RUI3 v3.5.x and v3.4.x implementation related to P2P command.

On the command you are trying to send, you it seems the bandwidth you need is 125.

You can try to send AT+P2P=868000000:7:125:0:8:14 and see if it will work.

We will release RUI3 v4.x.x soon. These commands will be back compatible to one another on this latest version.

Thank you for the replay @carlrowan
I configured AT+P2P=868000000:7:125:0:8:14 this to rak3172 chip using esp32 main controller but it shows AT_PARAM_ERROR . so, can I conclude that at this moment I can’t move forward with two?

Hi @Roopak ,

The AT_PARAM_ERROR means there are some parameter input that is not compatible to AT+P2P. Will there be a way for you to test the RAK3172 first directly and not via the ESP32 chip?

Hi @carlrowan ,

At the moment no way, it’s already integrated on board.

Thanks you.

Do you have anything connected to pin 27 (GPIO12) of the RAK3172 that might pull the pin to GND?

This pin should be floating as it is used internally to detect whether the module is for high frequency or low frequency.
If you pull pin 27 to GND externally, the module thinks it is a low frequency module and rejects to use the upper frequency range.

It is mentioned in our RAK3172 Documentation

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Hi @beegee

Thanks for the input. will check !

but while setting AT+PRECV=65534 , its replaying AT_BUSY_ERROR why? how solve this ?

Maybe a stupid question, but did you set the device to P2P mode with AT+NWM=0 into LoRa P2P mode before trying to send P2P AT commands?

Thanks for replay, * AT_BUSY_ERROR is returned if the device is configured to RX mode and still waiting for LoRa P2P packets.?
and also getting replay while send data using AT+PSEND, but not receiving in RX?