RAK3172 Problem

This is an inquiry regarding RAK3172.

I used the previous version, but this time I am using RUI3 version (4.0.6).

At the time of purchase, the firmware version was 4.0.0, so I updated it to version 4.0.6.

The firmware was updated normally, but an issue occurred in several modules (6-7 out of 100)
where no output came out of the UART port when power was applied.

The upgrade was performed using the STM32 Cube Programmer.

I was wondering if there were any known bug reports regarding this phenomenon.
I’m also curious if there is a way to factory reset the internal settings.

For reference, if I change the RAK3172’s firmware to 1.0.4, the module operates normally.
However, after upgrading to RUI3 4.0.6, there is no output through UART.

Welcome to the forum @Audible

RUI3 is using as baudrate 115200, while the old firmware version used 9600 baud as default.
Did you change the baudrate for the connection to the module?

As I wrote above, I am using 100 modules, and problems occurred with about 6-7 of them.
Baudrate settings are correct.

Did you retry to flash the modules a second time with the STM32CubeProgrammer?

Did you flash through the UART or using the SWD interface?

I have upgraded the firmware via UART several times.
I am curious as to whether the problem may be caused by the settings used internally. So, I am wondering if there is a way to HW initialize the module settings. (Because the UART is not working, SW cannot do anything)
For reference, I have downloaded RUI3 and older versions of the firmware alternately several times. Each time, the old firmware operates normally, but RUI3 does not work.

In the case of the previous FW (ver1.0.4), it was configured as Boot + App, but RUI3 does not seem to be configured that way. Please check if this is correct.