RAK3172/RAK3272s with Raspberry Pi for LoRaWAN gateway

Hello i’m new to to LoRa, and i have a question about RAK3272s, the point to point work really good on RAK3272s and i want to try the LoRaWAN on RAK3272s but there is no LoRaWAN gateway available in my area for now, is it possible to interface RAK3272s with Raspberry Pi and make my own LoRaWAN gateway ?

Thank you

my RAK3272s breakout board : RAK3272S-RAK3172 LoRa Breakout Module - EU868

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You cannot make a LoRaWAN gateway out of RAK3272S. It’s intended to be used as a device and not as a concentrator. If you want to create your own custom LoRa network, it is possible but you have to define your own protocol. For LoRaWAN, you need a concentrator like these - WisLink LPWAN turns solutions into gateways available on RAK – RAKwireless Store

Or you can buy directly a complete gateway here Build LoRaWAN networks with WisGate Series from RAK – RAKwireless Store

Thank you for your fast response really appreciate it :smile:

i will consider buy the concentrator or buy the complete gateway.