RAK3172 Reseting while changing mode to LoRaWAN

Hello guys, ı am trying to make a beacon for a reason. In my code, First ı receive the datas from end nodes and then change the mode to LoRaWAN and try to send it. But when i do that, Rak is resetting itself. Why is that? I am using RUI3 API

Hi @tortudereli ,

Yes, the node will restart whenever mode is being change. That is a normal behavior. Switching P2P to LoRaWAN will likely have different the parameters configured like Freq, SF, Coding Rate, BW, etc. Not considering other LoRaWAN protocol mac parameters like frame counters, etc.

Carl, thank you for your answer.

But, with the deprecated firmware, ı could have change it with out reseting the module. I used at commands for it.

Hi @tortudereli ,

I am not sure how you do the transition from P2P to LoRaWAN in the legacy firmware but it should restart. The initialization of the two modes are different.

You see here from NWM = 1, I switch to NWM = 0. Then it resets automatically.