RAK3172 ROM overflowed

I use RAK3172 in IDE Arduino.
When I import high-size libraries, I get “ROM overflowed” error.
Have you encountered an error similar to this?
How I can solve it?
When I run even the simplest example codes, it appears to be 61% full from the ROM.
Thanks in advance for your answer.

HI Nam,

The Flash memory of the RAK3172 is small (only 256kB) and RUI3 API is large (unfortunately).

Reducing the code size of RUI3 is on the todo list but we don’t know how small we can get it.

Hi bro Beegee,
Can we extern via pin SPI without adjust firmware?
Thank you.

Sorry, I do not understand your question at all.

What do you want to do?

Can we extend it by adding a hardware via SPI communication pins?
I mean use some IC to expand ROM

No, that is not possible. The firmware does not support such external flash.