RAK3172 RUI3 Flash API usage

Hello support,

We’ve tried to search for this topic in the forum just in case someone already asked but unsuccessful.
So, here is our question about the RUI3 api.system.flash.get and set functions.

We would like to store some non-volatile user information in the flash so that they can be reloaded when hard reboot or power cycle is done the unit.

  1. We assume these would be the right api to use.
  2. Based on the information provided, RAK3172 will have 0x0000 to 0x7800 of flash memory block for the user to use correct?

This will help us reduce the BOM cost for an external eeprom.


Hello @hunghp

Yes, the api.system.flash.get and set are the correct API calls.

I am using it to store some settings in the flash in my RUI3 example code.
Read from flash
Write to flash


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