RAK3172-SIP custom firmware

hi RakWireless, I should start a project based on the RAK3172-SIP module, I need information for the development of the custom firmware, but I can’t find anything, not even an internal connection scheme to configure stm32 cube. Can someone help me?

Hi @Egodomenico ,

For custom firmware, we have a guide on RAK3172-SiP documentation. This one uses RUI3 firmware framework and Arduino - RAK3172-SiP Module Quick Start Guide | RAKwireless Documentation Center

If you look for STM32CubeIDE for RAK3172-SiP, we do not have it but you can try our guide for RAK3172 - RAK3172 Module Low Level Development Reference | RAKwireless Documentation Center

By using STM32WL SDK v1.0.0, you can try to use these radio files for modification (RAK3172 and RAK3172-SiP have different radio frontend) - Dropbox - RAK3172_SIP_radiofiles.7z - Simplify your life

Please take note that we do not really support examples provided by STM32 for STM32CubeIDE since we have no access on its development.

We can support you on RUI3 though.

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll try.

Hello Domenico,

You might be interested in this repository - it regenerates under Cube, I used this as the basis for our Lamarr motes.

danak6jq/RAK3172: Port of STM32WLxx example for RAK3172 (github.com)


Thank you for sharing @danak6jq . Your port is definitely a useful reference for those who will use it for RAK3172-SiP as well. There are few differences on RAK3172 and RAK3172-SiP but the underlying port should be the same :+1: :100:

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Ah, if I had eval hardware for the SiP, I’d update the repository. What do you suggest I use?


Hi @danak6jq ,

Thanks for this initiative and interest.

For the breakout board, I suggest for RAK3172-SiP - RAK3272-SiP Breakout Board | RAKwireless Documentation Center

As for the RF related source file, I provided it here:

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