RAK3172LP-SiP custom firmware

I’ve made PCB with RAK3172LP-SiP. Firstly I’ve tested it with RAK3172SiP and custom firmware based on LoRaWAN EndNode example project from ST. I’ve imported radio_board and startup files from RAK3172-SIP custom firmware - #2 by carlrowan All work’s well, RSSI was ~-40dBm, when device was near gateway.
Now I’m testing my device with RAK3172SiP-LP and I’m with struggling low RSSI, ~-100dBm. I’ve changed amplifier define in radio_board_if.h from RADIO_CONF_RFO_HP to RADIO_CONF_RFO_LP but it doesn’t help anyway. Do I have use different files for radio_board? Maybe GPIO defs for radio switches are different for RAK3172SiP-LP?
Also I have a question regarding VDDPA pin 53 and PA supply voltage. If I’m using RAK3172SiP-LP can I supply that pin from VFBSMPS pin 10 (1.53V) instead of 3V3? Regarding to STM32WL datasheet RF power amplifier can be supplied from lower voltage if LP amplifier is used.