RAK3172 Sleep, timing and FLASH

The AT command document doesn’t mention anything about sleep.
From a previous forum posting it appears that the RAK3172 goes to sleep automatically after a period of inactivity.
What is this time out period?

What will wake up the RAK3172?
I would presume any command will wake up the RAK3172?
Or perhaps character?
How long does it take for the RAK3172 to wake up?

As a side note the AT command document doesn’t contain any timing information whatsoever.
From my experience with the RAK811 response times varied widely from a hundred microseconds to seconds!!!.

For example the RAK811 takes 1.2s to change the mode.
And 1.2s to change the RFCONFIG.

In RAK3172 what settings are stored in FLASH.
The mode, RFCONFIG fro example?

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Sleep and wakeup transitions are automatic. I do not have the exact figures but it should be negligible in most cases. How fast are your timing requirements? Regarding FLASH question, what configuration/s do you need to be in flash?