RAK3172-T Low Level

I am looking for specific radio_conf.h settings for the RAK3172-T:


#define RF_WAKEUP_TIME ( 1UL )
#define RF_WAKEUP_TIME ( 10UL )

I note that the RAK3172-SIP low level radio files use TCXO_CTRL_3_0V and (1UL), but it is not safe to assume that the RAK3172-T uses these same values.

There was a link posted in a different thread supposedly to the datasheet for the TCXO but the link goes to a regular crystal instead.

Hi @Hagrid ,

Here’s the radio files for RAK3172-T - RAK3172_TCXO_Low_Level_Development.zip (8.9 KB)

Regarding the TCXO datasheet, can you please share that forum thread so we can update.

Thanks, I will study the files and come back with more questions.

The thread referenced was this: RAK3172 Operating Temperature - #4 by danak6jq

Hi @Hagrid ,

Here’s the TCXO datasheet.

1202C003-NT2016SA-32M-END4263A-Spec-Sheet.pdf (431.0 KB)

@carlrowan thanks for that.

I note that the datasheet gives the TCXO a working temperature of -30°C to +85°C. This doesn’t match up with the RAK3172-T claiming an operating temperature down to -40°C.

I understand the TCXO will probably still operate at -40°C and the limit will probably be that it just doesn’t guarantee the stated +/-2.5ppm accuracy.

That’s a good point and I also shared that sentiment to the R&D team.

And they informed me that they did test on -40degC and LoRaWAN timing requirement is still ok.