RAK3172 to RAK3172T adds iwatchdog in Arduino


I copied a RAK3172 sketch to use a RAK3172T module.

The newly copied sketch automatically inserted iwatchdog.cpp and iwatchdog.h .
Now compiling gives an error…‘LL_IWDG_Enable’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘LL_I2S_Enable’?

I was using:
#include <udrv_wdt.h>; and #include <uhal_wdt.h>;


Hello Pat,

There are watchdog related files in RUI3, but the function is not tested and not officially released.

Do you get the same error when you remove the two include files?

@beegee ,
After removing the iwatchdog files, I did not have the error.

Thank you.

I hope we can release the watchdog functionality soon (not in the next release though).