RAK3172 UART1 - PlatformIO


  1. Has the PlatformIO support for RUI3 released ?
  2. Is there any methods to configure AT commands via UART1 of RAK3172 ( I am using PlatformIO and ,UART 1 is in custom mode )?.
    Also could you please share any references .

Welcome to the forum @Roopak

  1. PlatformIO support in the plan, but I have no confirmed release plan.
  2. No, AT commands are only available on UART2.

Thankyou so much for the replay!

1.Is there any way to send AT commands via UART1 ?
Is it possible to configure UART1 in arduino extension in vscode and come back to platformIO to continue it .
After completing it can i send the AT using PlatformIO?!
2. If it not applicable can you suggest some other method .

About UART1, I think same topic here - Arduino RUI3 Support for RAK3172 - #23 by carlrowan

No PlatformIO yet.

Arduino extension using Visual Studio Code or VS IDE is ok.

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Moving a project from Arduino IDE (or VSC with Arduino Extension) to PlatformIO should be the same as today.

  1. Move your .ino sketch into the src folder of a PIO project.
  2. Rename the .ino sketch into a .cpp source file
  3. Make sure your platformio.ini file is setup correct

But, I said "should" because there is not even a prototype for RUI3 PIO support available today.

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@beegee Thankyou so much for sharing this information !

…And what should the platformio.ini look like for rak3172?
Anyone have an example?

Is the rak11720 supported today?

RUI3 is not available for PlatformIO. RAK3172, RAK11720 do not have PlatformIO platform/package.

Alternative is using Arduino Extension for Visual Studio Code ==> RUI3 Supported IDE | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Oh sorry, I misunderstood…
Just read what you wrote about moving from Arduino IDE to PlatformIO, so I assumed…
I RUI3 is not supported today, is there a plan to support it from RAK?

Was hoping to use PlatformIO and CLion…
If you havent used CLion and are using Rider or IntelliJ today for .net and Java… try it out, you love it…

Hi beegee,

Is there a date estimate for PlatformIO support for rak3172 (or rak11720)?
Maybe there is a “Buy-Me-A-Beer!” button I can press that would help to get it released? :stuck_out_tongue:

Arduino IDE is just terrible…
(sorry Arduino IDE people, but your command completion make no sense and function parameter help are non-existing. Almost like writing code in Notepad
…or maybe I am just bad at coding…)

Not much chances for PIO support for RUI3 at the moment.

Best thing you can do is to use Visual Studio Code with the Arduino Extension

Not as good as PIO, but still much better than ArduinoIDE

  • jumping directly to functions even when they are in libraries
  • compiled files within the project folder and not in some weird user-appdata-temp folders
  • working code completion