RAK3172 UART1 - PlatformIO


  1. Has the PlatformIO support for RUI3 released ?
  2. Is there any methods to configure AT commands via UART1 of RAK3172 ( I am using PlatformIO and ,UART 1 is in custom mode )?.
    Also could you please share any references .

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  1. PlatformIO support in the plan, but I have no confirmed release plan.
  2. No, AT commands are only available on UART2.

Thankyou so much for the replay!

1.Is there any way to send AT commands via UART1 ?
Is it possible to configure UART1 in arduino extension in vscode and come back to platformIO to continue it .
After completing it can i send the AT using PlatformIO?!
2. If it not applicable can you suggest some other method .

About UART1, I think same topic here - Arduino RUI3 Support for RAK3172 - #23 by carlrowan

No PlatformIO yet.

Arduino extension using Visual Studio Code or VS IDE is ok.

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Moving a project from Arduino IDE (or VSC with Arduino Extension) to PlatformIO should be the same as today.

  1. Move your .ino sketch into the src folder of a PIO project.
  2. Rename the .ino sketch into a .cpp source file
  3. Make sure your platformio.ini file is setup correct

But, I said "should" because there is not even a prototype for RUI3 PIO support available today.

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@beegee Thankyou so much for sharing this information !