RAK3172 version with TCXO

The RAK3172 is equipped with TCXO if it is not present, is it foreseen in some version? Or will it be present in the future and when?

Hi @Egodomenico ,

We have plans to release a RAK3172 with TCXO but no definitive schedule at this point.

My project plans to use this module as a modem for LoraWan applications in class A and B
in outdoor environments with variable temperatures. With modules from other manufacturers equipped with XTAL in the past I had problems in the reception phase, I went with modules equipped with TCXO and the problems in the reception phase no longer occurred. My question is: what does that mean for RAK3172 equipped with XTAL instead of TCXO in terms of performance and reliability in my case. What are the contraindications?

I am not sure what reception phase means but if you are operating at varying or extreme temperature, you might probably need the TCXO. Another scenario that you might need TCXO is if you are operating in a more narrow bandwidth. I am afraid I can’t give more info about XTAL or TCXO enabled RAK3172 because we have no data yet to compare.

Ok, I think I should eventually opt for the RAK4270 which has the TCXO but is not lora alliance certified or for the seeedstudio LORA-E5. It’s a pity the RAK3172 looked like a good product, but unfortunately it can’t be affordable in a professional environment at the moment.

To give you some insight @Egodomenico , TCXO is very badly hit by the components shortage. Hopefully things get better and we can release the module with TCXO soon.

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