RAK3172 voltage input

According to the RAK3172 datasheet, 3.6V is the maximum supply voltage. OK.

  1. Is there any internal voltage regulator at the input of the RAK3172 module?
  2. In practical terms, is it possible for it to accept ~4.7v with battery?
  3. I did tests and it supported 4.7V, I had problems only below 1.9V.

Hi @tiago.dsnts ,

There is no internal voltage regulator on the RAK3172.

Although you can make it work at 4.7V, it is a matter of time before you see negative side effects of operating it beyond its operating range. There is no over voltage cutoff on the module that will disallow you to use it beyond 3.6V. However, if you use it beyond that, there will be cracks developing inside the module since it is above what the semiconductor expects.

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