RAK3172 vs RAK3172-SiP

Hi Rakwireless,
Have some questions regards similarities and differences between these two modules:-

  1. The RAK3172 (3172) has a metal can, the RAK3172-SiP (SiP) does not. Does this impact performance and are both RED approved?
  2. Are there plans to eventually drop the 3172 given it has less functionality (i.e. no TCXO, less IO etc)?
  3. My project is at 2nd level prototype stage, it doesn’t require TCXO, the AT commands and I have sufficient IO, should I still consider migrating to the SiP module?

Thanks in advance

Welcome back to the RAK forum @C.Dilliway ,

  1. We see difference on RAK3172 and RAK3172-SiP (without can) so it has impact on EMC test.
  2. None at the moment. RAK3172 has no TXCO which means it is not affected by TXCO’s shortage.
  3. Any should be ok if TCXO and IO pin count is not a big factor. Both modules will be supported by RAK.
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