RAK3172E Firmware and Sleep Mode

Hello RAK

We are switching the software from the RAK4702 to the RAK3172.
We use a Slave processor sending AT Commands to the RAK3172 on Pins 1 & 2 (TX & RX)
The RAK3172 joins the LoRa network and uplinks packets without any problems

We are using this firmware

RAKwireless RAK3172-E Example

RAK3172-H Version:RUI_3.4.11_RAK3172-E 20220810
Current Work Mode: LoRaWAN.

  1. Is this the recommended firmware ?

  2. After an uplink we are using AT+SLEEP=0 and current is reduced.

Note: - On the RAK4702 the total sleep current is 3.5uA
On the RAK3172 the total sleep current is 80uA

Scoping the TXD and RXD Pin 1&2 on the RAK3172 the signals are high (3.6V) whereas on the RAK4702 in sleep mode the signals are low

Could RAKwireless Staff ask the firmware team if this seems correct

Thank You

Paul H

Hi @dingoxx ,

80uA is a bit high for RAK3172. What are the external components connected to the RAK3172 aside from the TX and RX of the host MCU? It is also strange that you see 3.6V on the pins 1&2.

The reading should be close to 2uA as shown in this video - Live Measurement & Graph of Sleep Current Less than 2uA on RAK3172 STM32WL LoRaWAN Device with RUI3 - YouTube

Btw, I will recommend to update to FW v4.0.0. However on this version, instead of AT+SLEEP=0 you should just put AT+SLEEP.

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