RAK3272 board "died" after RUI3 firmware upload

I uploaded a custom firmware to the RAK3272 board using UART and now the board isn’t responding to anything including AT commands. Board was ok before that. I can’t upload new firmware, I tried to upload firmware .hex file using STM32Cube but I couldn’t connect to it. Is there some way to reset it? How to check if the board is dead. Also I am not quite sure based on tutorial how to setup a reset button correctly.

Hi @denkre ,

I am not sure what’s on the custom firmware but if that causes its stalled state and can’t upload RUI3 based firmware because AT command is not working, then programming the hex file via SWD or UART bootloader is your only choice.

Please follow the guide here - STM32CubeProgrammer Guide for RAK Modules | RAKwireless Documentation Center

You can see an illustration image how to setup the RAK3272 Breakout Board (connecting Boot0 to 3V3 level then reset the module).

To a reset, just short the RST pin to ground momentarily while Boot0 is connected to VCC

Then detect it using SMT32CubeProgrammer.

Make sure you are selecting the right COM port, no other terminal or sw apps is using that COM port then the UART RX/TX is correct. Of course you need to provide power on the breakout board too.