RAK3272s Arduino AT mode examples?

I see that Arduino IDE contains nice RAK Wisblock RUI examples for the 3172 module programming including for a LoRaWAN node.
Can someone point me to a similar complete LoRaWAN node Arduino example when using the 3272s Breakout board (3172 module) in the AT command mode with a host MCU (e.g. with a STMicro or ESP32 connected via UART2)? The Quick Start covers basic individual commands for connecting to a gateway, the join command and send data command, but not the complete node example including checking for connection before sending data, confirming data is received, downlink, proper timing of AT commands, the 3172 response error handling, etc.

Hi @jmeck ,

We do not have example code for external MCU hosts. However, @Nam created an AT command library that is based on the old WisDuino library (RUI v2). You can find his work here - https://github.com/NamNamIoT/RAK3172_CANOPUS/tree/main/AT_command

I build up a library for an ESP32 and a RAK3172/S

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