RAK3272S Breakout with ST SDK v1.0.0 Not Joining

Using the low level development guide:

I am unable to join successfully (OTAA) to my RAK7268 in Network Server mode.

I’ve tried

  • LoRaWAN MAC v1.0.2 and v1.0.3
  • Changing constants in se-identify.h
  • Unified and Specific App Keys (Type 1 & Type 2) applications on the RAK7268
  • LPTP on and off
  • Flashed RAK v1.0.3 .hex to confirm device still works - works with Unified and Separate AppKey applications
  • Reattempted with STATIC_DEVICE_EUI 1 and with STATIC_DEVICE_EUI 0


  • Joins are successful with the RAK3172 v1.0.3 firmware (2 of 2 Breakout boards)
  • Loading the AT Command Slave from ST (with the modifications for RAK as per the low level development guide) does not work at all.
  • I receive the Join Requests on the gateway and can view them on the packet logger, but for some reason the application does not register than it has been received.

What am I missing?

Side question, what needs to be done to get the 1.1.0 SDK up and running with the RAK3172? (I have been using 1.0.0 as per the guide since 1.1.0 is not supported according to the guide)

New users can only post 1 media pic, so here is another

and another

Thanks for posting this here, now I can see the screenshots.
I see the Join request going out, but the application ignores it.

  1. in se-identify.h, did you make sure that the LORAWAN_APP_KEY and LORAWAN_NWK_KEY are identical? LORAWAN_NWK_KEY should not be used in MAC version below 1.0.4, but TTN has some strange behaviour here.

  1. From TTN application, can you get a screenshot from the live data of the device. There might be an error message after the join request arrived that can narrow down the problem.

Hi @beegee

Thank you so much, that was the problem. It joins now. I did not realise that the LORAWAN_NWK_KEY was used in 1.0.2/3 for OTAA.

Thank you once again.

Could you perhaps clarify why the SDK 1.1.0 is not supported? I am doing R&D for a high volume product, so just want to make sure my things are updated to the latest features.

PS. I am not using TTN. I am using the built-in Network Server and using Global Integration to forward the MQTT packets to my own server

We are not sure why the LORAWAN_NWK_KEY is used, we stumbled over the problem by chance. My guess it has to do with the LoRaWan stack from ST.

For the version, 1.1.0 throw compiler errors when we created our AT command firmware. To be fast on the market we used the older SDK to get things done.

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