RAK4260 and BME280 sensor

Has anyone connected a BME280 sensor (I2C) to a RAK4260? I’m looking for a library to read and perform the calculations required when using this sensor.

Hi, @Tony_Smith

I did not used I2C yet, but I used the SERCOM3 that have the SCL and SDA pins. Are you changing the code provided by RAK?

Thank you @RicSToz, I did not know about SERCOM module. I will see if I can find more information and tutorials.

Searching the RAK code using Studio7 I can find the I2C pin definitions for SERCOM3 (sercom_pinout.h) but have not found I2C being used. I have been working from the Microchip example “I2C_QUICK_START_MASTER_BASIC_USE” in Studio7 and there is no reference to SERCOM in that at all.

I assume you are currently using SERCOM3 for serial UART and not I2C.

Hi, @Tony_Smith!

Well … I am not a SAM expert, but SERCOM is a multi-interface communication module that supports UART, SPI, and I2C by multiplexing the output pins as the user chooses. I believe that following the examples you will be able to implement without problems, because that’s what I did.