RAK4260 Breakout Unable to Join

Issue: I am using the RAK Wireless Breakout Board with the code example from this Github Repo, DEMO_1. I am unable to join the network with my breakout device. I am repeatly getting a “Joining Denied” response.

Setup: I was able to successfully upload and the install the device software. I am able to access the program and request the device to join the network. I used a working Chirpstack and also tested another vendor outside of TTN to run this demo with. Other development devices using a different chip work with these gateways and networks. I used the deviceEUI on the chip itself, and the default application key and application eui which was changed in the conf_app.h file.

Details: It’s likely due to some configuration issue or other incompatibility, but would like to know if anyone has an idea to do any of the following.

  1. Get more detailed information about why the request is being denied.
  2. Change any setting which may be effecting the decline.

Thank you in advanced.

Hei @applecrusher,

Any more details available, some logs for example. IS there a join accept message or just the join request that is visible in the Gateway? How about the band you sure you configured the right one?
I did test this particular device quite some time ago, but as far as I know there have been no modifications on the code and it work out pretty straight forward for me.


Thank you. When I reset the band the device was on, it is now connecting to the gateway.

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You are welcome, glad to hear it is good now. Enjoy your device.