RAK4260 does not work

I am testing RAK4260 but it doesn´t seem to work.

As you can see, the module is programmed and when I send the Join request nothing appears in the gateway log.
Nevertheless, using a different node the gateway receives the data.

any advice to further test whether my evaluation module is defective?

Kind regards and looking forward to integrating rak4260 in our The Things Network Madrid node designs.

Can you try connecting the 868 antenna,test again?

Dear Leopold,
Thank you very much for answering so soon.
I have tried all the 868 antennas I own with the same no transmit result.

Any further advice, please?
The included antenna is 434?

I’m really interested in making this chip work.

The RF switch is powered by GPIO PA28,are you pull up PA28 when sending packets?

Thanks Hairui,

I’m following the Get Start With RAK4260 guide (https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/RAK4260/Application-Notes/Get_Start_with_RAK4260.pdf).

So I have burned the recommended RAK4260_Demo.hex (https://github.com/RAKWireless/Update-File/blob/master/RAK4260_Demo.hex).

As PA28 is not exposed in the RAK4260 module… I don’t understand how to pull it up.

Please, could you further elaborate this?
Kind regards

You should define the PA28 in samr34_xplained_pro.h first ,then set this IO high in radio_driver_hal.c when sending packet. please see below pictures:

I think that is hardware question .You’d better to use EU868 antenna to connect gateway. We test it normal with same firmware and RAK4260 module .

How do you know that PA28 controls the PA BOOST?
I cannot find that information in the Rak4260 documentation.
I am downloading Atmel Studio to modify those files.

I have tested it with 4 different 868 antennas unsuccessfully :face_with_thermometer:

PA28 controls the power of SKY13373.

Dear hairui,

Please could you attach an hex file?
I’m unable to make it work even including your code modifications.

Hi jfmateos,please have a try with this hex file.

Yes now it is working. Thank you very much.
Please, could you share the source code?

Kind regards from Madrid

Hi @jfmateos,