RAK4260 LPWAN Breakout Module connects with ESP8266

I just have got a RAK4260 LPWAN Breakout Module. Here I have no a J-Flash tool to flash the latest firmware. I think there should be a default firmware already in the RAK4260 LPWAN Breakout module, maybe it is the latest one. I think that the RAK4260 LPWAN Breakout module can run with the default firmware.
Then, I connect the RAK4260 LPWAN Breakout module with a ESP8266 using a serial passthrough program in order to communicate with the RAK4260 LPWAN Breakout module via its serial communication.

I can see the output and send the data (1) as shown in the following figure.

I think I should see like the following figure.


With the RAK Serial Port tool, it does not show any message from the RAK4260 LPWAN Breakout module.

This should get the same result like I got from the Arduino serial monitor.

My question is that “Do I have to to flash the firmware at the beginning?”. Just wonder if so, I have to get a J-Flash tool to do that.

It seems that the RAK4260 LPWAN Breakout module does not have AT commands to communicate with ESP8266 or ESP32 development boards because I have not found any AT command in the document. Am I right? If so, I misunderstood about this module. This works also different from the RAK811 LPWAN Evaluation Board that has its AT commands.


Please refer this:https://doc.rakwireless.com/rak4260-lpwan-breakout-module/ttn-otaa-mode

RAK4260 is different from RAK811,And it not support AT command!