RAK4260 LPWAN Evaluation Board & RAK2245 Pi Hat

Issue: connection difficulties

Setup: default

Server: built-in chirpstack

Details: should these be able to communicate via built-in chirpstack? how do I confirm?

Yes, look at the logs.

Longer answer: Assuming the logs aren’t showing any connection attempts from the 4260 …

I’d remove one of the big complex components in this setup, ChirpStack and use TTN - this will allow you to confirm both the gateway and the node are working OK.

Are you in range of any TTN community gateways? If so, can you configure the 4260 so that you can check that works OK.

Do you have any other nodes you can test the gateway with?

Thanks for the support Nick. We will pursue this and be in touch soon!

Have a nice weekend,


PS - Maria, I tagged you so you can stay informed on this.

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