RAK4270 to RAK3172 migration


We started using the RAK4200 in a project, then migrated to the RAK4270. We are now looking at the RAK3172 as the next recommended module.

We just realised that despite keeping the same form factor the Serial ports have been changed. We were using UART1 for AT commands and firmware update on the RAK4200 and RAK4270. It turns out that needs to now be on UART2 for the RAK3172? Is this correct? Is there any workaround or do we need to modify our hardware?

Not quite a drop-in replacement if it is the case - why keep the same form factor?

I would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this.

Kind regards

Welcome back to the forum @tealbrains

On the RAK3172 only UART2 can be used for firmware updates.

UART1 can be used for AT commands, but then the low power function level 2 cannot be activated.

Thanks for the prompt reply @beegee . It’s a shame it’s not backwards compatible… I just did a quick wire bodge on one of the boards and it works. We will have to update the production files.