RAK4631 with some modules

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  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631

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  • Computer OS? Windows

  • What Computer OS version? Windows 11

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I mounted a some sensors in a RAK4631 and RAK19007:

  1. slot A: RAK12500 => GNSS
  2. slot IO: RAK5801 with a pressure transducer
  3. slot C: RAK1904 => accelerometer
  4. slot D: RAK1906 => environment sensor

I am trying to do a simple Serial.println in the “void setup”, but no output answer in the serial monitor.

I am suspecting the I have some conflict between some module and the I2C, because sometimes I have to do a double press in the reset button but the contact with the COM was missed.

Any suggestion ? To Change a module slot?



I tried to change, but no results change:

  1. slot A: RAK1904 => accelerometer
  2. slot B: RAK1906 => environment sensor
  3. slot IO: RAK5801 with a pressure transducer
  4. slot C:
  5. slot D: RAK12500 => GNSS

You can check for conflicts with the Pin-Mapper

In you first configuration
1PPS output of the RAK12500 is on the same GPIO as the ENABLE pin of the RAK5801
INT2 of the RAK1904 is on the same GPIO as tha A0 output of the RAK5801

In your second configuration
INT1 pin of the RAK1904 is the same GPIO as the ENABLE pin of the RAK5801

It might be that this collection of modules does not work together. I didn’t find a setup without conflicts.
If you need only one 4-20mA input you can try
IO slot RAk5801
Slot A or B RAK1906
Slot C RAK1904
Slot D RAK12500

But you can use only A1 of the RAK5801 and INT2 of the RAK1904 is still in conflict with A0 of the RAK5801, so you should disable INT2 on the RAK1904 and not initialize GPIO 04

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I forgot one module, a storage RAK15007 WisBlock 1MByte FRAM Module, and I didn´t find it in the WisBlock-IO-Pin-Mapper. I supose that I will not have problems because it is the only SPI module, isn´t it?

I am planning to use this as a temporary storage when device don´t have a LoRa coverage, but when the LoRa coverage is back, I will upload to the LoRa Network Server all data bank content.


The RAK15007 has the same pin-out as the RAK15006. It is SPI, but you have to check, because the CS is using a GPIO, so there could be still a problem.

Just saw, both RAK15006 and RAK15007 are not in the pin mapper.
Here is the updated version.
WisBlock IO mapping generator-March-2024.xlsx (267.2 KB)

Thank you very much by the update

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