RAK5205 new setup

Hi All, I just bought a RAK5205-Wistrio-lora. Since I am new, please advice how to setup/install the module?

Hi @zulkifli1962 and welcome :slight_smile:
First of all here you can find the documentation, user manual, etc. WisTrio-LoRa-RAK5205
Here is the Git of 5205 RAK5205 Git. There you will find the latest firmware.
So first read the manual how to flash the latest firmware.
Then you have to configure the device according to TTN keys. And that is :slight_smile:
If you need further help, feel free to ask.

Hi velev, thanks for the link. I have downloaded the WisTrio-LoRa-RAK5205/Tools/Keil_v5.exe and installed it. Then I downloaded and try to open project using Coide but it seem that it can’t open the project base on RAK811.uvprojx. Or do I have the right to do so? Or I just need to download the Bin files using flashloader only?


Hi @zulkifli1962,

What frequency band are you using?


The Keil environment is use if you want to compile the firmware from the C files.
You need only upload the latest firmware (bin file) and configure the node for operation.
Follow the Quick Start Guide from the link below:

All the instructions are there. There are all the proper links to the tools you need to flash the firmware, links to the firmware files, etc. Just make sure you get the latest bin file for the firmware.
The quick start guide explains what @velev said, but in greater detail.
I believe you should be able to do it on the second try :slight_smile:
Let us know how it goes.


Hi Hobo, I am using AS923 frequency band

I manage to flash the firmware with one of the bin, but which one is the correct bin to use?


That would be this one for the AS923, as it is stated in the manual:


Please follow through step by step. Re-flash the firmware if you have flashed another bin, and comtinue with the guide. Let me know if you get stuck further down.

I have managed to flash the BIN, now how to connect to TTN?. Currently I have RAK7258 gateway connected to TTN. How do I connect to the gateway?

Thanks Regards


Have you tried reading the quick start guide further down. Please do so and if you still can’t figure it out let me know.

In few words , you have to create application in TTN. Then register device under this application. TTN will generate Device EUI, Application EUI and App key. After that you have to connect RAK5205 with RAK serial port tool and config this keys with AT commands. Don’t forget to set the proper region config depending on your location.

I already register the Device EUI base on the number given at the PCB. Or do I have to reconfigure the RAK5205 to the one generated by the TTN?

I played around with the Serial tool and send a few commands. It just doesn’t give OK response. However shaking the device will give Accelerator data x,y,z. Is this normal?

After a few time of pulling the usb out/in it now seem to giving back data that I have set earlier. And it did try to OTAA join start but fail. What could be the possible reason.?


Please double check that the keys given in the serial tool are the same in the ttn. Keep in mind that configurable parameters must be set after the device initialize and before start joining. Pls give screens from serial tool and ttn device page so we can help you better.

Following are the setups

Hi, @zulkifli1962,

Did you set up the correct frequency plan for the gateway ?
The node EUI and Key setup seems ok, it should be working? Interesting, we might need more information.
@velev care to make a suggestion as to what might be going wrong?



Hi, Hobo, The frequency plan is AS923 for gateway & device and its using ttn-handler-asia-se.

Thanks & Regards

Hi @zulkifli1962
Sorry for the question :slight_smile: but are you sure that your gateway is up and running? Pls give screenshots from gateway raw data (traffic) from ttn so we can see the join packets from 5205. Or better raw data from the gateway itself .

ps do you have another LoRa device using the gateway?

Hi Velev,
Its is showing connected, so I presume its ok. But please check the snapshot as the traffic

seem to nothing.