RAK5801 "enable pin" alternative

Hi, which jumper do I need to short to change RAK5801 “enable pin” from IO1 to IO2?
I see that the schematic offers another option for “enable pin” which is IO2.

But I can’t figure it out on the actual PCB. I believe it is somewhere over here but I’m not sure which one:

PS: I need it to free IO1 for other purposes and IO2 is already dedicated to enable 3v3_S which I’m about to use for other sensors. And I did try to check it with my multimeter but no luck, it is too small.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @dantam
Welcome to the forum.

The two resistors are difficult to find, Here is a screenshot from the layout file:

I think we should add these options and an image where the resistors can be found into the documentation.

Hi @beegee, thanks for the quick response.
That is all I need to know.

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