RAK5801 use IO2 to enable

Hello, I need to use IO1 for other purpose. I found this topic that shows how to switch and use IO2 for enable RAK5801: RAK5801 "enable pin" alternative

Can you confirm: what value are the resistors? Are they simple R0 jumpers, and can I short the pads with a simple solder blob, or does it need to be an actual resistor?

Also, after switching to use IO2 as the enable pin, can IO2 continue to be used to enable other peripherals on the board? In other words, IO2 would enable/disable all peripherals including RAK 5801?

Suggestion to make the pads slightly bigger and possibly consider using actual jumpers in case users need to quickly configure them.

Thank you.

Hello Ryan,

Yes you can change the GPIO to enable the RAK5801 to IO2. Most of our small moduls for Slot A, B, C and D are always powered up and their power supply is not controlled by IO2.

@beegee thank you for your fast response.
To clarify, can I use IO1 for my own purposes as an input?
I will be using the RAK5801 module and also the temperature/humidity RAK1901 small module. But in addition, I need one digital input. Can I successfully use IO1 as input in this case?

Also, what value is the resistor on RAK5801? or is it simply a R0 shunt?

Thanks again for your help.

Yes, you can use IO1. The RAK1901 does not use any IO’s, only I2C.

The resistor is a simple R0 shunt. If I do changes like this on our WisBlock modules, I usually just put a solder bridge over the pads.