RAK7200 loses connection to gatway over time

Issue: RAK7200 losses connection to gateway

Board Core: S76G_B
LoRa chip: SX1276

Server: Helium - I can see the 7200 sending uplink and data to the console.

Details: The 7200 is set to send every 5 min but after a day or so it just stops. I checked the battery and it’s at 56%. I plug it in and it take a LOOONG time to wake up. Once I wake up it starts transmitting again. It’s not really usable since it just shuts off and sleeps - when it wakes it takes forever and position is not accurate…

Is there a log that shows the amount of time it takes to wake up? He could be a GPS search that takes a long time.

This seems a bit similar to the issue I reported RAK 7200 stops sending data after some time
Could they be the same reason. Were you able to solve this @simplice