RAK7200 node, GPS tracker

Yesterday I received the nice new RAK7200 for testing purposes.

My first impression and test results:

Flashed the bootloader and latest firmware. The provided 7200 document is incorrect. I followed the 5205 and used the RAK LoRaButton Upgrade Tool in order to flash the firmware. I used the STM32 cube prog to flash the bootloader.

S76G_B version:
LIS3DH init successed!
DMP is disabled
LPS22HD not found!
Selected LoRaWAN 1.0.2 Region: EU868
Initialization OK,Current work_mode:LoRaWAN, join_mode:OTAA, Class: A
OTAA Join Start…
[LoRa]:Joined Successed!

Battery Voltage = 3.970 V
ACC X: -256 mg, Y: -256 mg, Z: -256 mg
GYRO X: 0 , Y: -1 , Z: 0
MAGN X: 337, Y: 92 , Z: 219
Press:0.0 hPa
Temperature:0.0 degree
[LoRa]: Unconfirm data send OK

===============Device Status List================
Board Core: S76G_B
LoRa chip: SX1276
Battery Voltage = 3.968 V

Support Gps:true
Gps Timeout:60 s

Current issues:
Temp/Hum sensor not working:
Press:0.0 hPa
Temperature:0.0 degree

TTNmapper not working yet
Cayenne not accepting every data stream of LPP data yet

RAK developer Fomi is already investigating and found a bug the firmware with regards the Cayenne data. I’ll proceed testing as soon as the new firmware is ready.

Anyway, nice product!

Best regards,


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Hi @JeroenKl,

I’m sorry for late.
In my plan, i’ll supply you a firmware fixed that bug about Cayenne today, but unfortunately, i’m ill, so i’m sorry to say that i may supply it to you next monday.

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Hi Fomi,

Thanks for informing us. First thing to do is getting better! :wink:

Best regards,


Hi @JeroenKl,

I’ve just sent a new firmware to you on email, please check it.

Hi Fomi,

Any chance to send new firmware to my email?

Best regards,


Please check also:

After some tests, the tracker is not connecting to some gateways even when it is in the very neighbourhood.
The TTGO-beam connects, the 7200 not.
Checking the Lora channels config:

  • 0,on,868100000,0,5; * 1,on,868300000,0,5; * 2,on,868500000,0,5; 3,off,0,0,0; 4,off,0,0,0; 5,off,0,0,0; 6,off,0,0,0; 7,off,0,0,0;
    8,off,867100000,0,5; 9,off,867300000,0,5; 10,off,867500000,0,5; 11,off,867700000,0,5; 12,off,867900000,0,5; 13,off,0,0,0; 14,off,0,0,0; 15,off,0,0,0

Looks like some channels are missing and 1 is set to off.
With command at+set_config=lora:ch_mask:8:1 I’m able to set channel 8 to ON.
But I do not know how to add/change the channel frequency.

According to TTGO-beam it should be:
LMIC_setupChannel(0, 868100000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7), BAND_CENTI); // g-band
LMIC_setupChannel(1, 868300000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7B), BAND_CENTI); // g-band
LMIC_setupChannel(2, 868500000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7), BAND_CENTI); // g-band
LMIC_setupChannel(3, 867100000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7), BAND_CENTI); // g-band
LMIC_setupChannel(4, 867300000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7), BAND_CENTI); // g-band
LMIC_setupChannel(5, 867500000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7), BAND_CENTI); // g-band
LMIC_setupChannel(6, 867700000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7), BAND_CENTI); // g-band
LMIC_setupChannel(7, 867900000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_SF12, DR_SF7), BAND_CENTI); // g-band
LMIC_setupChannel(8, 868800000, DR_RANGE_MAP(DR_FSK, DR_FSK), BAND_MILLI); // g2-band

You can have a look at our online document for RAK7200, there are some AT commands:


You can use this AT command to set the channel freely:

@JeroenKl - Have you managed to get the LPP data to be accepted yet?

We’re running this against the latest LoRaServer.io installation and the codec doesn’t appear to decode correctly for any of the data.

I can see the packets coming in, but every single time I get a CODEC error of type error:"invalid data type: <INT>", and I don’t get this with any of the other LPP devices that I have connected to the server.

Yes I have, with the Software: S76G_B version: it is working
But still having some other issues which Fomi will fix soon.

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ok, good to know.

@Fomi if you’re looking for more beta testers then please do let me know, I’d be more than happy to try the new firmware.

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Any update on temperature and pressure sensor readings (I also get 0 values).


Hi, As I have a tracker here on the bench doing nothing until there is good firmware I am happy to support in beta testing. Thanks in advance!


Hi Guy,

The sensor LPS22HD is not working because it isn’t mounted on the board.
So, no temperature nor pressure readings possible. Fomi will remove the initialisation of this sensor (LPS22HD) in the next firmware release.

It is according the hardware specifications, see:



@Fomi - I realise that you’re busy, but if there’s any chance I can have that firmware emailed to me so I can get this tracker up and running that would be great, I’d love to make it a core part of one of our offerings.

Hi @proffalken,

I’m sorry for late.
Actually, my team are working on RAK7200 to release a new firmware with low power feature recently.
I think we can release it today, please wait for my news in this topic.

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Fantastic, thanks @Fomi, I look forward to it.

Happy to proceed testing and to check if all reported issues are solved.

Hi all,

Please donwload the v3.0.0.5 firmware of RAK7200:

The document is here:

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Thanks Fomi,

Did a fast try before going to work:


| ___ / _ \ | | / / | | | () | |
| |
/ / /\ | |/ / | | | | _ __ | | ___ ___ ___
| /| _ || \ | |/| | | '
/ _ \ |/ _ / __/ __|
| |\ | | | || |\ \ \ /\ / | | | __/ | /_ _
_| __| |
/_| _/ / /||| _|_|_||___/___/

S76G_B version:

Please Configurate parameters…
Configuration OK!
lorasend_interval = 15
MPU9250 Init OK
LPS22HD not found!

Selected LoRaWAN 1.0.2 Region: EU868
Initialization OK,Current work_mode:LoRaWAN, join_mode:ABP, Class: A
DevAddr: xxxxx
AppsKey: xxxxx
NwksKey: xxxxx
[LoRa]:Joined Successed!

Start Search Satellite …

  • 0,on,868100000,0,5; * 1,on,868300000,0,5; * 2,on,868500000,0,5; 3,off,0,0,0; 4,off,0,0,0; 5,off,0,0,0; 6,off,0,0,0; 7,off,0,0,0;
  • 8,on,867100000,0,5; * 9,on,867300000,0,5; *10,on,867500000,0,5; *11,on,867700000,0,5; *12,on,867900000,0,5; 13,off,0,0,0; 14,off,0,0,0; 15,off,0,0,0
    AT format error.
    FAIL.The Satellite signal not found!
    Battery Voltage = 4.39 V
    Acceleration(g) of X,Y,Z:
    Gyro(degress/s) of X,Y,Z:
    Magnetometer(uT) of X,Y,Z:

[LoRa]: Send out
[LoRa]: Unconfirm data send OK
Go to Sleep.
Wake up .
Start Search Satellite …

“accelerometer_3”: {
“x”: 0.126,
“y”: -0.292,
“z”: 0.912
“analog_in_10”: -0.6,
“analog_in_11”: 16.95,
“analog_in_8”: 4.04,
“analog_in_9”: 47.85,
“gyrometer_5”: {
“x”: 0.04,
“y”: -1.39,
“z”: -0.01

I’ll test further when I’m at home again. Thanks in advance,

greets, Jeroen