RAK7200 transmit only when moving

I only want to transmit my location when the device is moving. When it is not moving the device should sleep and save battery.

Is this possible with the RAK7200?

The documentation says this:

Set the time interval for sending data

• X - Enable/disable sending data in intervals.
0: the device will not send data automatically,
1: the device will send data every Y seconds.

• Y - Interval time in seconds. This parameter is only valid if X is set to 1.

If I set it to at+set_config=lora:send_interval:1:10 the tracker sends locations every 10 seconds, even when it is not moving. Can I use the internal accelerator to enable of disable transmitting every 10 seconds? And maybe transmit once per day when it is not moving?

At present there are no firmware programming facilities aka RUI for the RAK7200 - I get the impression it’s being looked at for the next round of development, but right now there is a push on a new release of RUI for the core modules.

You’d need to consider the fair use policy / duty cycle for a transmission every 10 seconds. Real-time tracking isn’t a great use case due to these two points plus issues of moving in to areas without coverage. You could look at one of RAK’s NB-IOT modules for that.

Actually this thread provides a better answer to the actual question:

Hi @jpmeijers,

I can understand what feature you want, but the current firmware of RAK7200 can only collect and send sensor data based on timer, which means that the curren firmware can’t supply the feature you want, even if you do the customization based on RUI API.
As i said in another topic which you mentioned, we also think it is better to send GPS data for saving battery only when the device is moving, so we have a plan to awake the device based on the accelerator’s interrupt and supply a new RUI API, so that we can do a new firmware to read the GPS data and send out when it is moving, otherwise, it will work in sleep mode. But sorry for that this work hasn’t been started by now because we’re still in the first step development for modules.

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