RAK7201 hangs - how to hard reset?

Issue: Device hangs with 4 blue led’s ON

Played around with RAK7201 button device.
After successfully joined Helium, I played around a bit more (and activated a TTN gateway nearby) and then the device is stuck. Not sending anything anymore, all 4 blue LED’s are lit. Config mode (button 1 3 seconds) does not work.
Reset (button 2 3 seconds) does not work either.
When connecting USB cable, button 2 LED turns red (violet?).
It “seems” I can connect with RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL, but the device does not react on simple commands like at"version and such.

What can I do?


Got it.
I opened the device and removed the battery for a moment. Reconnected and the device boots again.

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