RAK7201 - WisNode 4k stuck again

My node stopped after running for a long time (over an year).
I use the remote to open/close the garage door and the gate to the property.
According to this post: RAK7201 hangs - how to hard reset? it is not a singular case. So I did what Mr. Dan found to be the solution and power off/on reset the device.

Now, just weeks latter it happened again and I try to find a better solution.
The device was running the FW 1.0.2 something something and I updated it to the latest 1.0.2 something something.

My question to the #developerers of the FW for this device:

  • does the micro/SW have any watchdog functionality?
  • is it possible to have implemented a type of SW reset using a button combination?
  • is it possible to have it reset on charging start? It is firmly mounted in the car and is not easy to take it off to open-up. But it is easy to use a battery pack to charge.
  • is the FW available and easy to build?
  • what can be the reason why is getting blocked?

Thank you.