RAK7204 decoder

Hello, RAK Team,

Could you please provide us with RAK7204 decoder. Tried to search but not found.

Thank you

Hi @Ernestas,

RAK7204 send packet in LPP format.
You can have a look at this document, it is RAK5205/RAK7205’s decoder, but you can use it as RAK7204’s decoder too, just ignore GPS and Acceleration payload.

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I see in datasheet available Quality Air value.
But this data seems not present in the payload.
Do You know how to read AIQ value?
Thanks for support

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I would like to ask same question this sensor most important how to read its data?

Hi @Fomi could you please check this question regarding Quality Air value this parameter is even more important then temperature or humidity for me. Thank you.

I am also interested in the air quality sensor readings… is there a planned firmware update that would include this data?

Yes, we’re working on it.
Several days ago, we’ve add Gas sensor function in RAK5205’s firmware, and i think we can release a new firmware for RAK7204 which add Gas sensor payload in it today or tomorrow.

Hi all,

We’ve updated the latest firmware and decoder document here:

The gas sensor payload has been added.

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