RAK7204 decoder

Hello, RAK Team,

Could you please provide us with RAK7204 decoder. Tried to search but not found.

Thank you

Hi @Ernestas,

RAK7204 send packet in LPP format.
You can have a look at this document, it is RAK5205/RAK7205’s decoder, but you can use it as RAK7204’s decoder too, just ignore GPS and Acceleration payload.

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I see in datasheet available Quality Air value.
But this data seems not present in the payload.
Do You know how to read AIQ value?
Thanks for support

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I would like to ask same question this sensor most important how to read its data?

Hi @Fomi could you please check this question regarding Quality Air value this parameter is even more important then temperature or humidity for me. Thank you.

I am also interested in the air quality sensor readings… is there a planned firmware update that would include this data?

Yes, we’re working on it.
Several days ago, we’ve add Gas sensor function in RAK5205’s firmware, and i think we can release a new firmware for RAK7204 which add Gas sensor payload in it today or tomorrow.

Hi all,

We’ve updated the latest firmware and decoder document here:

The gas sensor payload has been added.

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The hyperlink for the TTN payload decoder in the https://doc.rakwireless.com/rak7204-lora-environmental-sensor/analyzing-the-data-from-rak7204 document is (at the time of this writing) broken. However, if you’re using TTN you can download the ChirpStack payload decoder (https://github.com/RAKWireless/RUI_LoRa_node_payload_decoder/blob/master/RUISensorDataDecoder_for_ChirpStack.js) and modify it, all you need to do is change the name of the main function from “Decode” to “Decoder” and swap the order of the parameters, i.e. “function Decoder(bytes, fPort)” instead of “function Decode(fPort, bytes)”. As far as I can tell, with that trivial modification, it works properly as a TTN payload decoder.

Hi @pawhitt69 We will fix this asap. Thank you.

Hi guys,
I added scripts to decode RAK node sensor data on github for ttn and chirpstack respectively.
if you didn’t increase the precison of gps data, please use https://github.com/RAKWireless/RUI_LoRa_node_payload_decoder/blob/master/RUISensorDataDecoder_for_TTN.js for ttn, use https://github.com/RAKWireless/RUI_LoRa_node_payload_decoder/blob/master/RUISensorDataDecoder_for_ChirpStack.js for chirpstack.

if you increased the precison of gps data, please use https://github.com/RAKWireless/RUI_LoRa_node_payload_decoder/blob/master/RUISensorDataDecoder_GPS6digitPrecison_for_TTN.js for ttn, use https://github.com/RAKWireless/RUI_LoRa_node_payload_decoder/blob/master/RUISensorDataDecoder_GPS6digitPrecison_for_ChirpStack.js for chirpstack.