Rak7204 does not work RU868

Good day!
Our company purchased a rak7204 sensor for testing, we encountered a problem that it does not work with RU868. Tell me how you can solve this problem? Is there a firmware for RU868 or source code that can be recompiled?

rak7204 current firmware version:

Hi @Mikhail,
RAK7204 supports regional parameters v1.0.2 by the LoRa Alliance. In this specification there is no such a band as RU868(RU864-870) so the device does not support it.

Can you release a firmware on RAK7204 that would support the RU868 regional parameter or provide the firmware source code to be able to compile the firmware yourself?

Colleagues, good day!
I am trying to understand the reason for the impossibility of adding this range to your devices.

Moreover, an updated version of LoRaWAN ™ 1.0.2 Regional Parameters Version: RP002-1.0.2 from October 8, 2020 appeared in Status: FINAL

And you refer to the very first version of LoRaWAN ™ 1.0.2 Regional Parameters Revision: B from Date: 2017 Feb

From this we can conclude that your device does not comply with LoRaWAN ™ 1.0.2 Regional Parameters and you are misleading the buyers of your products, referring to full compliance …

This problem can be solved simply by updating the protocol stack.

If there were source codes on GitHub, it would be possible to compile the firmware for this region ourselves, but this possibility is absent due to the lack of source codes.

The source code of RAK7204 is accessible on github and can be compiled via RUI. Unfortunately, the core FW is not open and it doesn’t support RU868 at this time. The FW is full compliant though on the LoRaWAN 1.0.2 in these mature bands as stated on the specifications of RAK7204 - RAK7204 WisNode Sense Home Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center. It was explicitly stated in the datasheet the bands that it supports.

Btw, the hardware of RAK7204 is open and anyone can develop FW for it :+1: