RAK7204 Gas Resistance - what should the values tell me

Since a few days I am using a RAK7204 and now I ask myself the question what exactly the values of “gasResistance” mean to me. I didn´t found any information that makes clear statements about what value stands for good, medium or bad air.

BOSCH’s statements on the BME680 environmental sensor indicate that there is an IAQ index that must be calculated. This calculation is usually done directly on the circuit board on which the sensor is used. Since the RAK7204 does not provide an IAQ value, this calculation does not seem to happen.

Therefore my question, can I calculate the IAQ based on the sensor data myself and how, or is there a table for the values of the “gasResistor” from which I can extract the air quality.

Attached is a table I have found about the IAQ values.

Thank you and Best Regards

HI @misko . You can use the GAS resistance with the formulas from BOSCH. Here is their statement for this sensor

The BME680 sensors has 4 outputs: Temperature, relative humidity, abolute pressure, and gas resistance.

Each of the 4 outputs requires a compensation using calibration parameters stored in the register map. Bosch Sensortec provides a the BME680 Sensor API in source code to make this compensation.

IAQ, on the other hand, is not the output of the BME680 itself, but the output of a separate product called the B osch S ensortec E nvironmental C luster software (BSEC). This software provides a specific configuration for the BME680 sensor which has been tuned for sensing I ndoor A ir Q uality (IAQ). This piece of software is provided as pre-compiled binary on Bosch Sensortec’s website and is free to use with the BME680 sensor.

!! Make sure to check that your processor architecture and compiler is supported. !!

Due to the complex nature of the IAQ algorithm, it requires a significant amount of RAM and ROM, and uses floating point calculation. 8-bit and 16-bit platforms are not recommended.

Dear @velev, as I understand the BOSCH statement, the additional BSEC software only works when the BME680 is directly connected to the board with the running BSEC software.
But this is not possible with the RAK7204. So, what was the idea to install the BME680 on the RAK7204 without the BSEC software. What is a “gas resistance” value supposed to tell me?
BOSCH doesn´t provide any formulas, so I´m not able to calculate the IAQ after I have received the sensor values.

If such a sensor is installed in a device, the device manufacturer should be able to tell the user what he can do with it. Otherwise it is only a device which can measure temperature, humidity and air pressure. But I don’t need a BME680 sensor for this.

The RAK7204 is a LoRaWAN™ node that serves as an environmental monitoring station. The high-precision sensors, can measure changes in temperature, humidity, gas pressure and provide an indoor air quality index.