RAK7204 LPWAN Environmental Sensor added to node-red

Issue: cannot find a way to include this into node red

Setup: node-red server 1.0.3

Server: CentOS 7.0

Details: Hello, I`m trying to integrate this sensor in our node-red installation. Since I was not succesfully to find the node via managed palette I used the command “npm i @rakwireless/fontello” to create all the files but for unknown resons I cannot see any additional nodes. Does somebody did the same and can forward some helping hints to me, please ?

Hi , this packet have nothing to do with the Nodes. Please give us more details for what you exactly trying to achieve.

Hi Todor,

actually we trying to connect your sensor to advantech Wise-6610 gateway in a project where node-red is running on the gateway. Unfortunately we have no functionality within in node -red to convert the data message:
uplink/00FB519A : msg.payload : Object
data: “080201690768500673254A026700F504020909”
datetime: “2020-04-27T14:58:57Z”
devaddr: “00FB519A”
deveui: “60C5A8FFFE76FA07”
fcnt: 76
lsnr: 10
port: 8
rssi: -47
For this we guess we need to install rakwireless node to have the html and js files in place but I failed.
Currently I`m trying to install :
npm install node-red-contrib-cayennelpp-extended on a secondary nod-red installation with the goal to copy all the needed files to my gateway. Unfortunately we have not the managed pallete feature to install it via node-red directly ( npm is not part of the product)
maybe we can use also the

Unfortunately I am not familiar with this Gateway and the way you try to build the Node-red. Yes, if you manage to install Cayenne LPP decoder, this will show you the data in more understandable format. You can try to use the custom decoder function. You can get the decoder from here. It is supposed to be used in TTN, but you can give a shot RAK RUI Payload Decoder.