Setup: GW RAK2245 Pi HAT, nodes RAK7204

Server: ChirpStack v 3.12, Docker stack in cloud.

Hi, I have environmental nodes RAK7204 connected to GW RAK2245 and GW is connected to ChirpStack in the cloud. I’m running it a month or so without any problems till today. One node of RAK7204 starts showing error in ChirpStack app server “UPLINK_FCNT_RETRANSMISSION” :

It keeps showing errors continuously. Second node of RAK7204 works without any problems.
Any idea what is going on?
Why is node trying to re-transmit uplink?

That’s indeed odd - it really shouldn’t be doing that, and when it shows confirmed uplink off there’s no sound reason for it to do so either.

Can you capture a several successive still-encrypted raw packets from the gateway view, eg their base64 strings? That will have the frame count encoded in it, and it will be also interesting to see if they are all identical, or if values and the MIC change even while the frame count remains improperly frozen.

Hi @cstratton, thank you for hint, but unfortunately this error over night disappeared. I didn’t touch anything. From morning till now no errors:

Well … this is very strange.