RAK7243C gateway, LTE connection doesn't work

Issue:RAK7243C gateway. Verifying the LTE connection, it always returns the error below “No network protocol running”.

Setup:I’ve explained it below.


Since I received the RAK7243C gateway it has been working with my home WIFI without problems. It works perfect.

Now I am configuring it to work over LTE since it is very possible that I will end up putting it in the countryside, with power, but without Internet. That is because I need this setup.

I have followed the steps in the Rak documentation manual.


  1. First, insert a SIM card. Power on the Gateway.

  2. Then, log into the Gateway through SSH, and enter the command: sudo gateway-config.

  3. Choose “ 7 Configure LTE Module ” and complete the process back and forth as you explain in the guide.

Enable LTE Automatic Dial-up - the default option and is used to enable automatic connection during start-up.

Disable LTE Automatic Dial-up - used to disable automatic connection during start-up.

  1. sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyAMA0 -b 115200

  2. “ at ” returns with “ OK ”.

  3. “ at+cops=? ” to look for all available LTE networks

  4. at+cops=1,0,Movistar,7 to set the LTE network operator that you want to use.

  5. Setting the APN name . I have put 2 different sims (APN= movistar.es and the other APN=tuenti.com). I’ve tested both sims in a cellular, without PIN required, and browsing Internet perfectly.

And baud rate.

  1. Verify the connection: sudo pppd call gprs

But I must be doing something wrong because when verifying the connection, it always returns the error below “No network protocol running”. See bellow screenshot.

  1. And I can see that I don’t have an IP assigned: at+cgpaddr returns ERROR



It might be worth trying to see where that “unterminated quote (line 4)” is coming from.

It could be an irrelevant typo in a static configuration file that doesn’t actually matter.

But if there’s any chance it’s a result of how you entered the custom settings for your provider, that might explain the issue.


Appreciate your quick answer, I have some doubts.

  1. How can I know where that “unterminated quote (line 4)” is coming from?

  2. I tried with 3 different vendors/sims. Same error.

could the problem be the line “No auth is possible”? what is it?

  1. There is 4 possibilities to put the SIM card in the slot. Do you have an image with the correct position of the sim in the slot?

Many thanks,


Where did you buy rak7243c?

I have had the an issue buying rak2245 and rak2013 for separate

I bought it in Madrid. And yes it is a rak7243c.