RAK7244C VoLTE examples

I am looking for examples of using the voLTE capabilities of the 7244C. My explanation of what we’re trying to accomplish. A push-to-dial example to a predefined number on a kiosk type application. We will have a single button on the kiosk clearly labeled Push To Talk to a representative. We have a predefined PBX number that all the kiosks should initiate the call. We have an exposed microphone and speaker for the party standing at the kiosk. Can anybody throw any pointers to something we might be able to use. I have yet to find a convenience library for the cellular hats from RAK. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can a normal SIP client library do what is need to invoke the VoLTE option on the HAT? Would really appreciate an assist here. I have found zero information online regarding how to do this implementation and the sands in the proverbial hour glass are running out.

Hi @fliiteai,
we have not envisaged the development of such an implementation, but I will be happy to make research on this problem. I will reply as soon as I find something that can help you.

Nikola, thanks for the assist. This is a HUGE project that will be putting literally thousands of units in the field. If I need to put pressure higher up at Rak, just let me know. This is time sensitive and very important. Also, is there ANY VoLTE documentation, because I have found nothing from a developers perspective? How does one invoke a VoLTE initiated call?

Hi @fliiteai,
I contacted the hardware team and they confirmed that the EG95 module support voLTE, but we don’t have any examples/library for this. I will attach a picture with the test procedure for voLTE on EG95. I can’t guarantee it will work as it is not provided by RAK, but it can help you to find a solution.