Rak7249 basic station

i have already installed the latest firmware on rak7249 which provides support for basic station protocol. However I am not able to make it work with hosted Things industries stack, can somebody help ?

What is “hosted Things industries stack”?

the things enterprise stack

Please forgive me for the first time I heard of “the things enterprise stack”, can you give a more detailed introduction to it?

does the status page changes when we switch from Lora packet forwarder to lora basic station ?

below image when lora packet forwarder is enabled

below image when lora basic station is enabled

the things enterprise stack (TTES) is the enterprise version of TTN network. I am surprised you have never heard of it as it is very popular for LORAWAN.

I am trying to make RAK7249 work with TTES using LORA basic station protocol, but not able to connect.

I need to understand it first, and then reply to you.

if you understand TTN then TTES is same

Hi. Can you try to use the TTN with LNS uri? Like here: Using Basic Station protocol (LNS) with Things Network

AWS hosted TTES?

i have already tried that link.

mine is hosted by things industries and not aws.

I think they are suggesting you use TTN - the community version - the AWS is a distraction.

But I too am surprised they don’t know about TTI - how on earth do people think TTN is funded!!

@nmcc @abhishek2101
I am very sorry for my lack of understanding of TTI.
I used to support Chinese users more. I will add more knowledge of other LoRaWAN servers.

TTES support is asking me to use port 8887 instead of 443, is that correct ?

is authentication required ? currently i have set to no authentication.

This is the configuration of my RAK7249. I only configured LNS Server.
The content of the trust comes from https://letsencrypt.org/certs/lets-encrypt-x3-cross-signed.pem.txt

Yes, port 433 is the correct one for the CUPS server. For LNS you need to use 8887 for the Things Industries. Do not forget to add the API as a token when using CUPS. Here is a example configuration for RAK7249/7258

No, I have asked to try the LNS connection. And also to which platform he tries to connect - The Things Industries Cloud or trough AWS. I have problems with Security Group there, so … it is possible problem. Sorry that AWS is distracting you :slight_smile:

is it necessary to setup CUPS or just LNS is ok ?

It should work normal with LNS only.

The first is for TTN and the second, very incomplete sentence with virtually no context, confused both me & Abhishek as it wasn’t clear what it was referring to.

Then Abhishek replies he’s tried the link but doesn’t say if he was successful or not - either in looking at it or following the instructions.

It’s all a big muddle!