RAK7249 with loraserver.io

can we use RAK7249 with the latest external loraserver.io

RAK7249 can work with RAK cloud LoRaServer which is defined in the following topic:

You can have a look.

What about a private install of loraserver.io ?

Sorry, i don’t know about it, because there may be so many cases about the private install of loraserver.io. We recommand customers to use RAK built-in loraserver or RAK cloud loraserver for testing.


I was able to connect my RAK7258 to “custom” ( I used docker install) of loraserver.io
I used only packet forwarder on the gateway, it forwarded data to the loraserver.io - gateway bridge.
I found some differences in mqtt messages between local loraserver on the gateway and mqtt messages in “custom” loraserver. I will investigate further.


Hi @cash
The differences come from migrating from json to protobuff.
As you can see here LoRaServer GW Bridge default marshaler is protobuf not json.

`# Integration configuration.

Payload marshaler.

This defines how the MQTT payloads are encoded. Valid options are:

* protobuf: Protobuf encoding (this will become the LoRa Gateway Bridge v3 default)

* json: JSON encoding (easier for debugging, but less compact than ‘protobuf’)


MQTT integration configuration.


Event topic template.

event_topic_template=“gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}”

Command topic template.

command_topic_template=“gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#”


Thanks @velev. This worked.